'90 Day Fiance' Star Fernanda Flores Blasts Jonathan Rivera's New Girlfriend

Former 90 Day Fiance star Fernanda Flores has some thoughts about ex Jonathan Rivera's new lover interest. The TLC personality slammed Rivera's new girlfriend in a Q&A video, holding absolutely nothing back.

Flores claimed in the YouTube video that she didn't "really have an opinion" about Rivera's new relationship, but did say she was surprised another woman would start a relationship "with a married man."

"He said that he signed the divorce papers. Lie," Flores claimed. "He just filed for divorce and I just got the paperwork last week."

Flores continued, "How you don't respect yourself as a woman? Divorce first and then, we'll see, right?"

The scorned ex knocked the way "some people just go right away to relationships to feel good with themselves and say 'look how happy I am.'"

"Other people heal by themselves, deal with the pain ... and then move on," Flores said.

She also talked about why she didn't return to 90 Day Fiance to talk about the end of their relationship. Flores then took aim at her ex, claiming he "[sold] his part of the story."

"The producers reached out to me when we separated," she said in her YouTube video, noting that Rivera was contacted, too. "He answered them. He talked to them. He filmed with them. He [sold] his part of the story to them."

Flores continued, "The reason why I didn't is because I got zero from the show. I got no money from it. He did and I felt like that was really, really unfair because I came here without money."

She claimed she "didn't want to be part of that anymore."

Rivera revealed the first photos of his new girlfriend back in June. It marked the first time he showed off her face in full on social media.

"WCW," he captioned the image.

Before that he posted a photo with her on an ATV, but kept her identity a secret.He kept her face hidden from the public, as she was pictured with a bandana on. The pair were on vacation in the photo.

The woman is the first Rivera has been linked to since his split from Flores. The exes appeared on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance on TLC before ultimately ending their romance.

Rivera confirmed the split in January. He posted a photo of himself on Instagram celebrating the New Year without his estranged wife. When asked why by a fan, he said Flores "decided to leave" to pursue her modeling career.

"She decided to leave..left me on the airplane in Chicago amongst many other things," he told a fan. "I decided to spend the rest of the time with my family. When she realized her lifestyle was going to be different she wanted to apologize and asked me to forgive her. I haven't."


He later clarified, telling In Touch, "What happened was things change, things change and people change and I can't help that."

"My feelings for Fernanda were real and Fernanda's feelings for me were real," he said at the time.