'90 Day Fiance' Couple Reveals Pregnancy at Tell-All

The '90 Day Fiancé' couple tied the knot in Season 10 of the TLC reality show.

The 90 Day Fiancé family is getting a little bigger! Season 10 couple Sam and Citra announced during Sunday's tell-all episode that they were expecting their first child together after tying the knot on the TLC show, noting that at the time of filming, Citra was about 12 weeks pregnant.

"As you know, I'm a horny freak as shown, and we're actually expecting right now," Sam announced on the tell-all, confirming later to Entertainment Tonight that he and his wife are having a baby girl. "I've always thought about having a boy and was convinced we were pregnant with a son, only to be delighted by the news of our daughter," he told the outlet. "I'm so ready to be a girl dad."

Sam and Citra originally met on a dating app, but after falling in love online, Citra traveled from her native Indonesia to Cameron, Missouri, to marry her beloved, as seen in the ongoing season of 90 Day Fiancé. In order to earn her family's approval, Sam converted to Islam before saying "I do" to Citra, and the couple would go on to wed in both a Muslim ceremony and a non-religious ceremony in front of friends and family.

Citra celebrated the next chapter of their lives together on Instagram Sunday, revealing that their daughter is due in June 2024. "We're having a baby!! it's been so hard keeping this secret for the past few months!! We are so excited to finally share that baby Wilson is coming June 2024," she wrote in the caption. "We are so unbelievably happy, I literally feel like my heart could EXPLODE!!"

Citra revealed that shortly after getting married, she got pregnant, although she didn't know that fact until taking a test on Oct. 16. Seeing the positive test, Citra recalled, "literally shaking and [crying] because it felt so unreal God has been good for us." She continued, "We had a plan before to have a baby a year after our marriage and we just do natural so whatever happens happens. And we feel so grateful that God gave us this little one in our lives so fast. Sam definitely has fast swimmers."

Citra wrote that filming her confessional interviews for 90 Day Fiancé while in her first trimester was a "rough journey," recalling all the morning sickness and vomiting she endures. "I even puked a lot inside of Uber car after we finished filming," she confessed. To fans who thought they spied a baby bump in Citra's confessionals this season, "yes you're right I was one month or one a half month pregnant and I tried so hard not to throw up during the interviews lol," she confirmed. Now more than three years into their relationship, Citra said that Sam is "always" there for her and has been "the best," adding that "this is the season of our lives we have been waiting for and it's finally here!"