'90 Day Fiance': Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Reunite on Instagram Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

90 Day Fiance stars Ashely Marston and Jay Smith have reunited amid the coronavirus pandemic [...]

90 Day Fiance stars Ashely Marston and Jay Smith have reunited amid the coronavirus pandemic self-quarantine. Last week, Marston shared a video on Instagram showing herself and Smith together in her bathroom. She seemed to imply that they were doing their social distancing stint together.

"Damn, maybe this quarantine isn't so bad after all," Marston wrote alongside the clip. It followed the format of the "flip the switch challenge," where users flip the lights on and off to reveal a drastically different scene afterwards. In this case, the end of the video showed Smith with his arms around Marston, apparently suggesting they were back together.

Marston and Smith first got together on 90 Day Fiance, and have since had more than their fair share of breakups and reunions. Now, many fans are dying to know if they are back together — and to what capacity.

Like all participants in 90 Day Fiance, Marston and Smith jumped headlong into marriage during their time on the show. After last week's new video, reporters from In Touch Weekly reached out to Marston's representatives to ask where the two stood — whether they were dating, remarried or somewhere in between.

"Ashley and Jay are not yet divorced," they said. "They are still legally married. I can't confirm the status of their relationship, if they are back together or not, at this time."

A few fans of the show were happy for Marston and Smith. They left encouraging comments, saying that the reunion gave them hope during these frightening times with the pandemic.

"This actually makes me happy," one fan wrote.

"Glad to see you and [Ashley] still holding it together," added another.

"Don't break her heart again, please," warned a third person.

Others were less supportive, fearing that this would just be a repeat of Marston and Smith's previous daliances together.

"Oh, god, this mess is back," one commented.

"How did I know that was gonna happennn. LMFAOOO," added another.

Marston and Smith were headed for divorce as recently as last month, when she told In Touch Weekly that Smith had a habit of trying to "manipulate everyone." She blamed their age difference of over ten years for their relationship failing.

"I think he's young, and has never had anyone hold him accountable or give him direction," she said. "I loved Jay for god knows why and became more of his stability and parent than his wife and partner."