'7 Little Johnstons': Jonah Vows to Prove His Parents Wrong in Exclusive New Clip

Jonah Johnston is ready to prove mom Amber and dad Trent wrong when it comes to his new job at the [...]

Jonah Johnston is ready to prove mom Amber and dad Trent wrong when it comes to his new job at the car dealership. In PopCulture's exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's 7 Little Johnstons episode, Amber and Trent's reaction to their son's job is less-than-thrilled as they advise him the importance of saving for the worst possible scenario.

"When I came home to tell my parents that I actually got the job, instead of giving me a 'Hey, great job' or congratulating me, just something simple like that, they're already focused on, 'Alright, well, here's what needs to happen now and this is where you went wrong,'" the 21-year-old complains to the camera. "I think my parents need to show a little bit more support."

Sitting at the kitchen table, Amber tells Jonah she won't tell him he'll sell 10 cars a month and "never have any problems financially," because she can't promise him that. "Seriously, Jonah? You're gonna have to go out there. You're gonna have to bust your a— selling cars," she tells him. When Jonah says he knows he'll have to work hard, Amber responds, "I know you know that, because you've seemed to know everything, but that's reality. It's not to get an attitude. It's reality."

When Jonah defends himself, saying he's not getting an attitude but feeling "ambitious enough to prove you guys wrong," Amber clarifies she doesn't need her son to prove her wrong but wants to provide a realistic idea of the job market. "Most Americans in their lifetime these days will experience a layoff," Trent chimes in, reminding Jonah that his own grandfather was laid off without ceremony after 38 years working for the same company.

"We can talk until we're blue in the face and we're not getting anywhere," Trent tells the camera of his response to Jonah's job news. Amber adds, "Until you live it, you don't have it figured out. And yes, I know at 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 years old, you think you know everything, you're going to move out. We're here when you don't have it figured out and you need to ask for some advice."

Jonah assures his family that if he tries his hardest and pushes himself, he's sure he'll be fine, but Trent reminds him that some things that happen are out of your control altogether. "This job will never be out of my control because it's up to me," Jonah tells his dad. "If I push it and I bust my a— [9 a.m. to 6 p.m.], Monday through Saturday, that should cover emergencies." Amber says that's no reason not to save his salary, but Jonah insists his chosen job will be exactly what he needs to provide for himself.

"My dad just wants me to say what he wants to hear," he tells the camera. "That's nine times out of 10, how all of our conversations go. He's expecting the right answer, and the right answer is 100% his answer — or so he thinks. I mean, that's what it's gonna take is for me to prove him wrong." 7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.