'12 Dates of Christmas' Season 2 Clip Shows Heavy Flirting and a Showertime Invite (Exclusive)

12 Dates of Christmas is set to kick off the holiday season on Thursday, Nov. 25. The dating series' second season, which will premiere is on HBO Max, will feature a new group of singles who are looking for love amid a gorgeous winter wonderland. In advance of the season premiere, 12 Dates of Christmas has given PopCulture.com an exclusive clip that showcases how romances are already starting to form. 

The clip highlights an interesting interaction between Danny Escalante, who was cast as one of the three leads for Season 2, and one of his suitors. Everyone can be seen chatting it up in the living room. Then, Escalante mentions to one of his suitors, a woman named Jen, that he'll be heading upstairs to shower and wind down for the night. When he walks away, everyone left in the living room sounds off on the interaction. They all tell Jen that Escalante's statement served as a not-so-subtle invitation to join him. She then departs the scene to do exactly that. But, that's not all.

The clip ends with another hint that romance is brewing for fellow lead Amanda Grace Jenkins. She can be seen sitting on the couch next to one of her own suitors. After Jenkins yawns, the suitor asks her, in a mock British accent, "Shall I escort you to your room, m'lady?" While Jenkins replies in the affirmative, the narrator, Natasha Rothwell, is less than convinced that this was the best tactic to go with. Rothwell says, "Ooh, girl, the accent trick never works. Trust me, I tried it."


Season 2 of 12 Dates of Christmas will drop on Thursday. In addition to Escalante and Jenkins, Markelle Smith will be seeking out love amid the lovely Christmas-inspired backdrop. All nine episodes of the second season will be available on premiere day. As seen in the trailer for the season, all three of the leads are looking for love. But, of course, they're all set to do so on their own terms. As for Jenkins, she's looking for a "nice girl that also has a naughty side," Smith is "looking for the feeling [he] had with his ex," and Escalante wants to find a "girl to settle down with." Fans will soon be able to see whether the three find what they're looking for when all episodes of 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2 drop on Thursday.