'Bride & Prejudice': Chris Interrogated by Fiance's Disapproving Mother in Tense Exclusive Clip

Chris is coming face-to-face with fiancé Blair's disapproving mother in the new episode of Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love, but things seem a little bit more like an "interrogation" than a friendly coffee date. In a tense PopCulture.com exclusive clip of Wednesday's all new episode of the Lifetime reality show (produced by Kinetic Content), Chris is grilled by future mother-in-law Kelly over everything from his motorcycle to his Korean heritage.

"I think he has a lot of things that make me feel very uncomfortable," Kelly tells the camera. "Hopefully I'm gonna get some answers to some questions that I've been wanting to find out. ...I think Blair and Chris are still at the surface level of relationship, yet I'm not sure how much they really know about each other."

Breaking out notecards with her questions printed neatly on them, Chris figures he's in for more than he first thought, which is confirmed when Kelly asks him to consent to a background check.

"That's definitely a little weird," he tells the camera after agreeing to the check. "It seems kind of like a little bit of an interrogation."

The next question on the list is if Chris would ever sell his motorcycle if the couple were to have kids.

"I don't have plans to sell it now," he answers. "If we had kids if I didn't sell it, I would definitely ride it a lot, a lot less."

When it comes to tattoos, Chris shuts down any agreement to keep himself from getting any more ink, telling a disapproving Kelly, "No, so that's a promise I can't even like make to myself, more will come for sure."

Things get truly uncomfortable when Kelly asks Chris, who is Korean-American, if he would teach his future kids "North Korean values."

Handling the uncouth question with tact, Chris explains, "I don't really think I have any North Korean values because like I told you, my family got out before North Korea was North Korea as you know it, it was just Korea. Would I teach them about it? I mean, if they asked, I would."

Kelly is clearly unhappy with the answer, responding, "Oh my gosh!"

Chris definitely seems put off by the line of questioning, telling the camera, "It's kinda odd some of the questions that she's asking, you know, some of them are oddly specific."


Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime