Kim Kardashian's New Glam Photo Sparks Major Questions Among Fans

Much like her sister Khloe, Kim Kardashian's recent photos have left fans scratching their heads. There has been plenty of criticism lobbed at the Kardashian sisters for their alleged use of Photoshop on their social media photos according to Cafe Mom.

Kim Kardashian is the latest to face the wrath of critics online after a series of photos were posted that some felt clearly showed some touch-ups. One photo with children North and Saint in front of a stark red brick background seems to have a strange look to Kardashian's face. This led a few to call out and question the photo.

"Um does no one notice the difference in her face?" one commenter wrote under the photo.

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"How you Kim but look NOTHING like Kim," another added with a series of confused face emojis.

"Am i bugging [the f—] out cause that looks like a whole other lady [laughing my a— off]," a third added.

Many others added in their thoughts, almost agreeing that Kardashian looks like a different person or shadow of herself in the photo.

The critics also came out for another photo that the future lawyer had posted earlier in the week promoting her next KKW Beauty release. The shot shows Kardashian with some lighter hair, a white dress and very, very smooth skin. Smooth enough that many critics didn't think it was very realistic.

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"FaceTune has joined the chat," another critic wrote, referencing the Facetune photo-editing application that many people use to boost their photos and selfies.

But as Cafe Mom points out, the reality star had plenty of defenders too.

"ANNNNNDDDDD majority of the people now a days use Facetune," a defended responded to the above comment. "Get over it."

Kardashian's sister Khloe also recently faced some stiff criticism over her nose, with many drudging up the rumor that the Revenge Body star has had plastic surgery. In a post discussing her nose contour.

"One of my favorite things is nose contour, but this does stress me out a little bit because ... in person, and how cameras reflect and light, everything looks so different," Kardashian said in a video clip. "So sometimes I will contour my nose and in real life I think I look so good and then in some photos I look crazy!"

Many agreed, telling her in the comments on social media.

"Who the hell is that ? Not your face for sure," one wrote.


"You look so different," another added.

And this is just the most recent examples, leaving out memorable examples like the family Christmas card from 2018 that had many people questioning what body parts were real and whose feet belonged to who. Is it any wonder that Khloe and the others have to sit down to have a drink — or 18?


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