Tori Roloff's Latest Post About 'Difficult Things' Sparks Concern Among Concerned Fans

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff sparked concern among fans after posting about having a "challenging" time lately on Friday.

Roloff shared a photo of herself with son Jackson, along with a long message about how she hopes life will be better for her in the future.

"Life’s just been challenging for me lately," Roloff wrote. "[I'm] entering a new season of life with really difficult things on my horizon and it’s hard to know how to navigate them. I know it’s just a season and I’m blessed to have people in my corner that rooting me on. Especially this kid. I’m praying 2019 helps me become a better wife, friend, mom, and follower of Jesus."

tori roloff instagram challenges
(Photo: Instagram/Tori Roloff)

At the end, Roloff added an arm-flexing emoji and a heart.

Although Roloff was not specific about what "challenges" she was referring to, many of her fans posted encouraging messages in the comments next to the photo.

"Take one day at a time. Pray to God for his help! One day ... At a time! I know I live this with my own struggles," one fan wrote.

"Every single person has something to deal with so just remember you are not alone," one person wrote. "I usually allow myself a little worry time and then let it go and let God!"

"Life is challenging and sometimes very hard but remember God is always with you and you can talk with him anytime," another fan wrote. "Will keep you in my prayers."

The new post came a few days after she shared her recent difficult experience at Disneyland. Roloff revealed that Jackson suffered a nursemaid's elbow while the family was in line for the Peter Pan ride.

Fortunately, they were able to see a doctor later in the day, and injury was "reduced" by then. The doctor allowed them to go back to Disneyland with Jackson.

"It was a good reminder for myself," she wrote of the experience on Tuesday. "I tend to put a lot of excitement and expectations on Disney because it’s such a special place to me. But it was a good reminder that things don’t always go according to plan and you have to roll with life. I am so thankful Jackson was such a champ today. He rallied harder than anyone and we were still able to enjoy moms favorite place! Love you Disney. Thanks for the magical day!"

Roloff, 27, and husband Zach Roloff share 1-year-old Jackson, who is the frequent star of adorable photos on her Instagram page. She has also appeared on Little People, Big World, and told fans in December filming for the new season has almost finished.

"This kid takes center stage of my heart daily. He brings me so much joy and love. I am so grateful to God for the blessings he has given to my family," Roloff wrote in an Instagram post during the holidays. "I hope you can find time between today and New Years to really give thanks to our savior for what you have in your life. I know this time of year can be really hard for some but I hope you dig deep to find things that you’re thankful for-it’s good for the soul and keeps you moving."


TLC has yet to announce when the new season of LPBW will debut, but Roloff said it will start in the spring.

Photo credit: Instagram/Tori Roloff