'Ex on the Beach': Farrah Abraham Says Boxing Helps Relieve Her 'Aggression'

Farrah Abraham may not be finding love in the Ex on the Beach house, but she is managing to keep her anger at bay by hitting the heavy bag!

In Thursday's all-new episode of the MTV reality series, Abraham stayed away from most of the drama between exes following her massive blowout with ex Simon Saran last week, keeping to herself with the fitness equipment.

"I love boxing my brains out," she explained, "getting all the aggression out."

In addition to dealing with Saran last week, Abraham revealed there was more going on for her emotionally than she lets on. "I really miss my daughter," she said of 9-year-old Sophia. "It has been a little too much for me without her."

The Teen Mom OG alum has had a lot going on since beginning her stay in the Ex on the Beach house, including her fiery fight with Fire Island's Cheyenne Parker, who called the reality personality a "stage five diva" who is only "relevant" for having a baby on TV.

After mending fences with Parker, Abraham had to contend with her own ex, who appeared in the house for just one episode before being voted out.

"We broke up about 9 or 10 months ago and I never talked to her again after that. We ended on bad terms — the only reason I came here was to make my peace with Farrah. She's really hard to get along with, so it's gonna be interesting," Saran said of his intentions of reuniting with his ex.

Despite trying to get her point across, Abraham was upset to not get her point across while talking to her ex, storming off after a brief conversation, huffing, "I got nowhere, and he just loves that I wasted my energy on him."

While Abraham might be working out her anger through her boxing gloves, it's boxing that seems to be getting the adult entertainment star into the most trouble legally nowadays.

In December, she was sued for a reported $12,000 by promoter Damon Feldman for bailing on a scheduled charity match against Flavor of Love alum Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander in November.

Despite possibly having to pay up soon enough, Abraham seemed unconcerned about the suit against her while talking to PEOPLE this week, telling the outlet, "All are false and was never served — all forged," of the lawsuit. "Damon's a criminal. This is not news."


Ex on the Beach airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: Instagram / Farrah Abraham