Farrah Abraham Claims Celebrity Boxing Match Lawsuit Against Her Is 'Forged'

Farrah Abraham claims that the lawsuit against her for not rolling with the punches in a celebrity boxing match she backed out of is bogus.

The former Teen Mom OG star was reportedly smacked with a lawsuit in December for bailing on a scheduled head-to-head match against Flavor of Love alum Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander on Nov. 10 in Atlantic City after she pulled out of the event a week before the event.

Despite reports that the 27-year-old was sued for $12,000 by promoter Damon Feldman, according to court documents obtained by The Blast, Abraham says she has reportedly not yet been served with papers.

"All are false and was never served — all forged," she told PEOPLE on Tuesday. "Damon's a criminal. This is not news."

A hearing for the lawsuit, which was filed in December in Pennsylvania, has been scheduled for Jan. 30, The Blast reports.

The news outlet reports that the contract Abraham signed called for her to receive $2,500 upon signing the contract, which she did, and another $2,500 on the day of the fight. The contract, which reportedly called for Abraham to win, also designated that she would receive 50 percent of the net proceeds from ticket sales, sponsorships, internet sales and TV licensing.

When Farrah announced she would no longer be participating, her manager told The Blast that she had "no choice but to not be involved in this debacle. The promoter has been in breach of the contact, he has not delivered on anything that was promised in the contract."

Feldman claimed that he followed the contract (which included an appearance fee and first-class plane tickets), and sent Abraham a cease and desist letter in November due to her "defamatory statements and libelous communications" about the Boom Cups Celebrity Boxing Showdown, PEOPLE reports. A lawyer for Feldman issued the letter to Abraham days before she was meant to fight.

In the letter, attorney John A. Gallagher claimed Feldman had been "subjected to ridicule, scorn, embarrassment and potential loss of earnings" due to Abraham's "insulting, offensive and slanderous comments" toward Feldman and the boxing event.

“We demand that you cease and desist from any further communications concerning our clients,” Gallagher stated, claiming that Abraham has previously called Feldman an “awful person” and allegedly said, “I don’t speak with people who don’t really care about anti-bullying.”

Abraham told PEOPLE at the time that by not refunding ticket receipts, Feldman was "in breach of their contract."

“The public now knows the truth. All parties associated, including the women now fighting are frauds," she said. "Samantha Goldberg, Damon Feldman, Michael Makowski and Boom Cups all need to cease and desist using my face and name for press and publicity. They’re criminals.”


She claimed that although she planned on participating in the boxing match, the promoters who organized it "are in breach" of contract. "They have not gotten flights or delivered on contractual obligations as well as safety," she said.

Ultimately, Abraham was replaced with another woman as seen on the event flyer.