'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's Beloved Dog Moolah Undergoes Surgery

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin recently had a member of his family undergo important surgery. His beloved dog, Moolah, blew out her right ACL. She had to get a TPLO surgery at Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital to repair the damage and get back on the road to recovery.

The professional wrestler posted several photos on Instagram Friday to reveal the surgery. He showed the doctors working on Moolah while wearing operating gowns, as well as X-rays of the before and after. Finally, he posted a photo of Moolah resting on her bed with her entire backside shaved. Austin confirmed that his dog was back home and resting comfortably after the procedure.

"Throwback to a few months ago with Moolah getting ready for a ride. Yesterday Moolah blew out her right ACL. Trying to get her into surgery ASAP. She blew her left ACL last year," Austin wrote prior to the surgery. He posted a photo that showed him and Moolah sitting in one of his offroad vehicles.

Prior to the surgery, Moolah was roaming around Austin's garage and disrupting his workout schedule. The WWE star had previously posted several videos on his Instagram Stories that showed him trying to get a pump in his garage. However, he had a dog between his legs searching for attention while the others roamed around the workout area.

While Austin has three dogs, Moolah is the one that primarily accompanies him when he is out driving around or working on his property. She sits in the passenger seat of his truck or offroad vehicle and makes for very good company. Although she also joins him in the garage and licks his arm while he is trying to work out.


The former professional wrestler in Austin regularly provides glimpses into his daily life, as well as the time he spends with his dogs. However, there are fans constantly asking for more photos and videos. Now they will get more access, albeit in a different way. Austin's life will become the focus of a new documentary from the makers of The Last Dance.

"WWE contacted me and they said the producers from The Last Dance are going to reach out to you," former ring announcer Lilian Garcia said, per Wrestling Inc. "They want you in their documentary. It's crazy because when I got the message I was literally just watching The Last Dance documentary. I said, 'Jake I'm literally watching your documentary right now, this is amazing.' I come to find out that they want to do a documentary for 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and it's coming out next year."