Video of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Stunning Donald Trump Resurfaces After Election Loss

Saturday morning, multiple outlets projected former Vice President Joe Biden to win the 2020 Presidential Election after he took Pennsylvania. This news prompted a multitude of reactions from both sides of the political aisle, including several videos showing Trump's time in the wrestling ring. Many people reacted to the projections by posting a short clip showing "Stone Cold" Steve Austin giving the future president a stunner.

The video posted on Twitter showed the wild moment. Austin stepped down from the corner after crushing two beers and walked toward a clapping Trump. He then kicked the future president and gave him the "Stone Cold Stunner." Austin then grabbed two more beers and went off to celebrate while Trump remained on the mat. This moment in the ring was part of a performance, but many Twitter users expressed the opinion that it was a fitting representation of the election.

The match in question took place during WrestleMania 23 in 2007. Trump faced off with WWE's Vince McMahon at Trump Tower in the "Battle of the Billionaires," albeit with some help. ECW Champion Bobby Lashley represented Trump and defeated Intercontinental Champion Umaga, who represented McMahon. With the win, Trump earned the right to shave McMahon's head with an electric razor, which he did while Austin looked on.

Austin later provided some backstory about the now-infamous moment at WrestleMania. He said that the stunner was McMahon's idea and that they had to present it to Trump. The future president's right-hand man opposed the idea, but Trump said he would do it if it helped the show.

"So all of a sudden Vince comes to me and straight-up there this is the way it happened," Austin said during a podcast in 2019. "We’re in the back area. 90,000 people out there Ford Field and he goes ‘Steve come over here. I’m gonna see if I can get Trump take a stunner’. I said, ‘Aw bulls—’. I said, ‘ You think he will?’


"He goes, ‘I know Donald he’ll he’ll do it.’ So anyways he goes ‘Donald, Come over here’ and he goes, ‘Steve this is Donald Trump.’ ‘Hey, Mr. Trump. How are you doing?’ And I met him. He goes ‘Listen I was thinking about after everything is all said and done. Steve would hit you with his finished move.’ ‘Well what is it?’ ‘Well it’s called a stunner and it kind of goes like this."

Austin gave props to Trump for going out, "being a man" and taking the stunner in the middle of the ring. He was part of the show and helped the event succeed. According to Austin, the sequence made people happy and he "dug it."