'The Last Dance' Is Now on Netflix

After ESPN aired its 10-part documentary series about Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, fans immediately began asking when they could watch it again. That time is now following the latest update to Netflix. The Last Dance is now streaming on the popular service, starting on Sunday.

This addition to the lineup marks the first time that The Last Dance hits Netflix in the United States, providing the opportunity for all-day binge viewing. The series previously became available on Netflix in April, albeit only for international viewers while it aired on ESPN and ESPN 2 in the United States. However, those watching on Netflix had to wait until the episodes aired on Sunday nights before they could watch the latest episodes.

The Last Dance focuses on Jordan's final season with the Chicago Bulls (1997-98) and his quest for a sixth NBA title. A documentary crew followed the players and coaches throughout the season and into the playoffs, where they defeated the Utah Jazz in the Finals. Jordan won his sixth title and his fifth NBA MVP. However, he retired following the year and left a hole on the roster. Additionally, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen also departed for other teams and further took away a considerable amount of talent.

When the series initially aired, fans immediately headed to social media to discuss several top storylines. They mentioned Jordan's "flu game," his secret nighttime shopping trips to pick up groceries, and how he parked wherever he wanted at the practice facility. Additionally, the fans had some interesting discussions about Rodman and his whirlwind romance with Carmen Electra.

Not every viewer simply took part in social media conversations. Former NFL wide receiver Andrew Hawkins opted for a different route and created parody videos. He even channeled Rodman for one wild clip discussing how "he was amazing."


"I was the best teammate to ever live," Hawkins' version of Rodman said in one parody video. "Everybody loved me, except when I skipped practice. Mike loved me. Or when I wouldn't show up for the games. Scottie [Pippen] loved me. Or when I would leave in the middle of the season. Phil [Jackson] loved me. I invented load management because it wasn't nothing to get missing. I needed my 'me' time."

Hawkins later revealed that he wrote this skit — and all of his others — while remaining at home in quarantine. He filmed the skit in his garage and then edited it himself. Hawkins also released another video that showed him impersonating Jordan, complete with oversized earrings.