Watch: Pink and Daughter Willow Perform Acrobatic Feat at Billboard Music Awards 2021

Pink is passing on her icon status to 9-year-old daughter Willow! The "So What" singer brought her oldest child onstage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday to kick off her greatest hit performance at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards with a rendition of their song "Cover Me in Sunshine."

The mother-daughter duo showed off their acrobatic skills as they dance and sang to the song in front of a full moon backdrop, high-fiving after the closing note before Willow left the stage. It was a big moment for Pink, who is the youngest recipient of the Billboard Icon Award, and told Billboard Magazine earlier this month, "As a little girl, I always dreamed about being a singer and sharing my love of music with the world. Years later, to receive the Billboard Music Awards Icon Award is hard to fathom!"

Kicking off her performance with daughter Willow was a special nod as well after the two debuted their single in February. Last week, Pink shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that their special bond made making music together feel second nature to Willow, who definitely doesn't think much of the fame aspect. "She doesn't care at all about any of this stuff. She doesn't care at all," Pink told DeGeneres of her oldest's opinion of the song's success. "I was just in there messing around with this song, and she was like, 'Can I sing on it?' and I was like, 'Sure.' And she was like, 'Cool, I'm going swimming.'" Learning that the song had gone number one in the Netherlands, Pink recalled, "[Willow] was like, 'Which city is that?' And I was like, 'Amsterdam.' And she was like, 'Oh, I miss that city. Can I watch Avatar?' … She's just funny."


Pink shared at the time she released "Cover Me in Sunshine" that the song was her way of processing the COVID-19 pandemic. "We all know this year has been different and challenging and at times terrifying. I personally find comfort in music, I love singing with my daughter and my son," she said at the time, joking that 4-year-old son Jameson, whom she also shares with husband Carey Hart, tends to go more "metal band" with his vocals. Pink continued she and Willow collaborated for their duet at home, deciding only to release it publicly "to bring a little joy to the world." She continued, "We're going to put it out for no reason than we hope that the song makes you feel happy."