TV Reporter 'Mortified' After Adele Interview Blunder

Australian TV reporter Matt Doran admitted he was "mortified" after his interview with Adele earlier this month. Doran is the host of Channel Seven's Weekend Sunrise, and he flew all the way to London to chat with Adele on Nov. 4. Doran admitted during the interview that he hadn't listened to the singer's new album, 30, leading Sony Television to shelf the footage permanently.

Doran's story has been causing a lot of drama among Australian TV viewers and Adele fans over the last week, and now he is finally sharing his side of the story in a statement published by E! News. Doran was reportedly sent an advance copy of Adele's new album via email, but he says that he missed the message entirely and did not realize that he was supposed to listen to it in preparation for their chat. His employer spent about $1 million to send him and his film crew to London for the interview, only to have him admit that he had not prepped for it when Adele asked what he thought of the new music.

"When I sat down to interview Adele, I was honestly unaware that I'd been emailed a preview of her unreleased album," Doran said. "I later discovered it was sent to me as an 'e card' link after we landed in London on the day prior to the interview. In my lengthy phone discussions with Sony reps in advance, I was never told a preview copy was being made available."

Doran apologized for the confusion, but said that he is "devastated that her fans are being denied this interview." Sony has reportedly decided to can the interview altogether, and Doran thinks that fans are missing out on what was still a valuable discussion.

"It was an oversight," he said. "But NOT a deliberate snub. This is the most important email I have ever missed, and I am mortified and unequivocally apologetic."


Fans haven't seen the interview for themselves, of course, but some rumors have suggested that Adele "stormed off" the set when she heard that Doran hadn't even listened to her album. Doran said this was false, continuing: "To suggest that the interview was disrespectful – or that Adele walked out – is incorrect. In fact, it ran well over time, and we had a great rapport. Adele was hilarious, engaging, generous, honest, and profound. For the record, I never said, 'I haven't listened to your album.' I said, 'I've only had the privilege of hearing 'Easy On Me,' and already it sounds like you've produced something extraordinary.'"

Doran was taken off the air for two weeks following the slip-up, but according to a report by The Guardian he was not formally disciplined for the accident. Still, Adele fans on social media are furious at the thought of someone missing an opportunity like this one by mistake.