Travis Scott Cancels Pre-Super Bowl Show Last Minute

Rapper Travis Scott overbooked himself for Super Bowl weekend and ended up having to cancel a performance in Minneapolis on Saturday night.

The 25-year-old performer had booked two shows the night before the big game. His plan was to play in a nightclub called Myth at 10:30 p.m., hop on his private jet, and make it to Las Vegas for another show at 1:30 a.m.

Promoters made a miscalculation in Scott's tight schedule, however. They booked a private runway which was too far away from the venue, so the rapper had no way to make it to his second show. In desperation, promoter Zack Chazin even found a helicopter to fly Scott from the runway to the venue and back in time, according to his Facebook post, but the copter would only fit four people, and Scott travels with seven.

The promoters tried to make amends by offering full refunds for those that only bought the tickets to see Scott. It wasn't a cheap show either — admission started at $150. Other performers still made it though, including Gucci Mane.

Hopefully, the promoters aren't beating themselves up too bad, as Scott has reportedly been spreading himself thin on purpose. The rapper has been at odds with his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, leading up to the birth of their first child. Insiders close to the couple say they've had a number of blow-out fights, and Scott has been using his high demand at clubs around the country as an excuse to stay out of town.


Jenner announced on Feb. 4 that she'd given birth to a baby girl, born on Feb. 1. According to sources, she is excited but understandably nervous about motherhood, and she plans to stay out of the limelight for a while longer.

That doesn't exactly fit with Scott's lifestyle, which revolves around touring and recording. According to friends of the couple, but they have "no plans" to get married or even engaged anytime soon. For some fans, that's a subtle hint that their relationship has become somewhat platonic.