Skillet Singer Fuming Over Cardi B's Grammy Performance, Compares Awards Show to Hitler

Christian rock singer John Cooper condemned Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's performance of 'WAP' [...]

Christian rock singer John Cooper condemned Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's performance of "WAP" at the Grammys last weekend, with a bizarre reference to Adolf Hitler. Cooper is the frontman of Skillet and has been increasingly outspoken about conservative politics in recent years. He tackled the Grammy Awards performance on the latest episode of his video podcast Cooper Stuff.

Cooper referenced the book of Isaiah when he accused the "woke" response to Cardi B of hypocrisy, saying: "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil." He went on: "We're living in a world right now where there are certain Dr. Seuss books that you cannon sell on eBay. They are just too much for anybody to even be allowed to buy; they're evil. ...But you can, and must, applaud the sexual degradation of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion simulating sex together on the Grammys."

"This is the perfect example," he went on. "You must celebrate it. In fact, if you don't celebrate it, then you're actually a bad person, and you kind of, like, don't love people. You're actually not nice."

Cooper was referencing the six Dr. Seuss children's books that will no longer be printed or published going forward because they contained racist imagery and stereotypes. According to a report by Comic Book Resources, eBay delisted the books when they began selling for exorbitant prices, as collectors feared they would become scarce. He then referenced some even more infamously racist writings by German dictator Adolf Hitler.

"Why would anybody ever call evil good and good evil? It's simple: because they just redefine the terms," he said. "The question is, who is going to define what is good, and who is gonna define what is evil? Every dictator in history says that what they were doing was good. That's what they believe. If you go back and you read some of Hitler's speeches, he's, like, 'I'm gonna set people free — free from the bondage of the Ten Commandments.' In his mind, he's a liberator. It's always like that, you guys. All you do is you just redefine evil and you redefine good. That's what's happening right now on the Grammys."

Cooper's apparent admission that he has read Hitler's writings aside, many viewers took issue with his comparison of American cultural shift to the actions of one genocidal dictator. They also jeered him for preaching about forcibly "redefining" cultural norms when he openly supported former President Donald Trump throughout his term, in spite of dozens of public lying scandals.

Cooper continues to take heat for his commentary as it reaches outside of his usual fan base. So far, he has made one video responding to the backlash, claiming that his words have been "misrepresented."