Ric Flair Cuts Promo in Rapper Bad Bunny's Latest Video

Ric Flair popped up in a surprising place this week. He showed up in rapper Bad Bunny's "Chambea" video on Friday.

The video for the song opens with Flair being asked what he thinks about the 23-year-old Puerto Rican rapper's music.

"Are you kidding me? Is that all you've got to say to me? To the 16-time world champion?" Flair asks the interview. He then takes her microphone and yells into it at the top of his lungs.

"What do I think about the Bad, B-B-B-B-Bad Bunny? Hear the music, because it's the new religion," he says.

After getting Bad Bunny revved up and delivering his signature "Woooo," Flair goes missing from the main video.

Bad Bunny's video includes him rapping in Spanish while having fun in an extravagant mansion. But there are some shots of him hanging out with Flair on the top of a building later.

Bad Bunny also posted a video from the video set with Flair on Twitter last week to announce the release date for "Chambea."

"Hey, it's the Nature Boy Rick Flair here, with my Puerto Rican brother, the Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Bunny," Flair says in the video. "And this recording is going to come out Dec. 1. Don't miss it! The Bad Bunny and the Nature Boy! Women will be dying, falling down all over the world. Wooo!"


Not content with just being an unconventional music video star, Flair also suggested he could coach Tennessee football or become the university's athletic director.

"If the shirt fits hire him! Available for either position! WOOOOO," Flair tweeted Friday.