Restless Road's New Single 'Bar Friends' 'Captured Everything That We're All About' (Exclusive)

Restless Road members Zach Beeken, Garret Nichols, and Colton Pack aren't just best friends — according to their new single, they're also bar friends. Released on Friday, June 11, "Bar Friends" is an upbeat country track dedicated to your closest friends, the ones you call when life gets tough and you want to let off a little steam.

"I got work friends, and I got church friends / I got hometown grew up on the same red dirt friends," the trio sings in the chorus, showcasing their signature harmonies. "I got great friends, and I got fake friends / I got girls that wanna try but we can't stay friends / Yeah all in all, I'd say that life's been good to me so far / But you know where I go when it gets hard / Out with my bar friends." Restless Road told that they first heard the song, written by Jordan Schmidt, Kyle Clark, Tyler Filmore and Geoff Warburton, from mentor Kane Brown and "freaked out and we fell in love with it."

"It really just captured everything that we're all about, which is friendship and having fun and just having each other's back through the hard times, which is really what 'Bar Friends' is about, but it's just a super fun way to say it," Nichols shared. "And it was a song when we heard it, we would just wish that we had written it. So, we had to do it and we just couldn't be more excited with how it turned out. It just totally captures our sound, our vibe."

"I think this is going to be a very upbeat summer jam where people can really relate because it talks about all the different people in life that everybody has," Beeken said. "Your work friends, your church friends, your hometown buddies. I think it's a celebration of those people, the group that always has your back that when the weekend comes, all the work is done, you want to call them up and be like, 'Let's take a load off, let's go to the bar, let's have a few drinks and just spend some time together.' I think everybody who hears it will be able to relate to that."

When they aren't writing songs or making viral TikToks, the members of Restless Road are "not shy" about hitting the town. "We absolutely are bar friends, the three of us," Nichols said, adding that he and his bandmates can also count Brown and his wife, Katelyn, as their bar friends. "We've had some fun going out with Kane and Katelyn even, them as a combo is dangerous when they hit the town," he shared. "It's always a party, it's fun."


The trio will take "Bar Friends" on the road later this year when they join Brown on his Blessed & Free Tour, which begins in October. Over the past few years, Restless Road has amassed a major following online, and the group can't wait to hit the road and meet their fans in person after a long hiatus.

"You put all this work into writing the songs and recording them and doing social media and all these things but I think the biggest payoff for an artist is the fans and people that have your back," Beeken reflected. "So, seeing them, getting to hang out, get to know them better, I think that is going to be definitely the highlight of the year."