Kane Brown Says He ‘Never Knew How Much’ Daughter Kingsley Would ‘Be There’ for Him (Exclusive)

Kane Brown's daughter Kingsley is 1 year old, and the country star couldn't imagine his life without her. "I always knew I wanted to be there for her and be the best dad I could be," Brown told PopCulture.com via email, adding that he wants to "give [Kingsley] everything she ever needs… maybe not everything she wants but that she needs."

"I guess I never knew how much she would be there for me," he shared. "She’s always there making me smile or laugh, puts me in a good mood." Thanks to his successful career, Brown is able to give his daughter a different childhood than the one he experienced, something that "means the world" to him. "I’m just really always so grateful to my fans who have been there since day one because they’ve enabled me to live out my dreams and with their support I’m able to take care of my family and provide a different life for my own daughter," he said.

The 27-year-old added that he feels like he is able to "relive a lot of my own childhood" with Kingsley, "just seeing how she discovers things and what she laughs at." Judging by Brown's Instagram, Kingsley is quick to laugh — the "Worship You" singer and his wife, Katelyn, often share photos of their daughter getting the giggles, including a February video from Katelyn of Brown pretending to fall to make Kingsley laugh.

Brown has been there for Kingsley even before her birth, when he penned the personal song "For My Daughter." "I wrote it before she was born and it was just an honest feeling about what I wanted to say to her and make sure she knew I would always try my best to be there for her and how much I love her," he shared. The country star was able to make his Grand Ole Opry debut earlier this year, and he knew that "For My Daughter" was the song he wanted to perform during his first time inside the famous circle.

"I got to make my Opry debut this year, which was amazing, and I love that I got to do 'For My Daughter' there," Brown said. "I love that she will get to hopefully look back on that when she’s older and see the first time I sang there and that it was about her."