Rapper Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for RICO Case

Atlanta-based rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan has been sentenced to time in prison for his involvement in a sweeping RICO case. On Dec. 1, the "We Don't Luv Em" singer was handed a 15-year sentence, with his prison time being drastically reduced due to a plea deal. According to court documents obtained by TMZ and HipHop-N-More, the rapper, real name Sterling Leroy Pennix Jr., will serve just five years behind bars, though he will have a lengthy probation period following his release.

Under the terms of his agreement, Pablo Juan will serve five years in prison, but he will be credited for time already served, meaning he will stay behind bars for just three more years. The rapper will then serve the remainder of his initial 15-year sentence on probation. During his probationary period, Pablo Juan must avoid any contact with members or associates of a criminal gang and will also be barred from possessing firearms and ammo. The musician, who remains behind bars, has not publicly commented on the sentence.

The news comes more than two years after the rapper was arrested in Upson County, Georgia in October 2020 as part of a larger gang investigation on RICO charges. The Atlanta rapper, who was signed with Gucci Mane's 1017 Eskimo label, was among 46 alleged co-conspirators who faced an indictment on "92 counts of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 59 counts of violations of the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, three counts of trafficking methamphetamine, three counts of trafficking heroin, four counts of kidnapping, four counts of murder and 24 counts of aggravated assault." Juan Pablo eventually pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

The musician has been behind bars ever since, but that hasn't prevented him from working on his career. Since his arrest, Juan Pablo has released three new projects from behind bars, most recently teaming up with Lil CJKasino for their Hoodrich Kasino project in March. It is unclear if he will release any further projects throughout his prison term or if fans will have to wait until he is released and enters his probationary period for new music.

Juan Pablo is far from the only rapper facing RICO charges. Just last month, battle rapper Tsu Surf was among 10 people indicted on racketeering charges for their alleged involvement in a New Jersey-based Crips gang known as the Silverbacc Gorillas, or "SBG." Meanwhile, rapper Casanova pleaded guilty to racketeering and narcotics offenses in May, the same month that Young Thug was arrested for conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act.