Post Malone Upgrades His Smile With $1.6 Million Diamond Fangs

Post Malone has more than a million-dollar smile. It's $1.6 million to be exact. The "Rockstar" singer had diamond fangs installed in his mouth with the help of Dr. Thomas Connelly, known as the "Father of Diamond Dentistry." The diamond pieces might even draw attention away from the dozens of tattoos on his face.

"Post Malone completed his $1,600,000 smile reconstruction last weekend," Connelly wrote on Instagram Monday, alongside a photo of Malone smiling to show off the diamond fangs. "With a smile that shows off natural Porcelain Veneer work framed with 2 Diamond Fangs with a total weight of 12 Carats, Post Malone literally has [a] $1 million smile." The fans were created through a collaboration with Connelly, cosmetic dentist Naoki Hayashi, Isaac Bokhoor's diamond cutters at Shlomo Bichachi Los Angeles, and setters at Angel City Jewelers. "Post Malone's epic ICE smile has set a new precedent in the music world of who has the most 'Drip,'" Connelly added.

The others involved in pulling off the diamond fangs teased more diamond dentistry artistry to come. "It's an honor and a privilege to be involved in this earth-shattering project for the legendary [Malone]," Bichachi Diamonds wrote. "We humbly joined forces with [Connelly] and [Angel City Jewelers] to create diamond teeth like was never done before. And this is just the beginning!!"

The teeth earned a mixed response from Instagram users. Some wondered if it was the right way to spend so much money. "That's how you know you have too much money," one person wrote. "Kim, there's some people that it's dying," another wrote, referencing an iconic Keeping Up With the Kardashians moment from 2011 when Kim Kardashian cried over losing a diamond earring.


Malone's fans will soon get to see the diamond fangs in person. He is one of the headliners at Lollapalooza, which was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Foo Fighters, Tyler, the Creator, and Miley Cyrus will also headline the festival, which runs from July 29 to Aug. 1. Others performing during the festival include Journey, DaBaby, Marshmello, Megan Thee Stallion, Roddy Ricch, Illenium, Modest Mouse, Limp Bizkit, and Jack Harlow. Attendees will be required to show negative COVID-19 test results or prove they have been vaccinated, notes TimeOut. General admission for the Chicago festival now costs $375, as ticket prices went up as more were sold. GA+ and VIP tickets have already sold out.