Post Malone Fans Flock to Recent Selfie With Concerns Amid Drug Abuse Speculation

Fans have been reaching out to Post Malone amid the flurry of recent health concerns. Over the past few days, the musician's behavior on stage has become increasingly erratic, which has led to a number of fans and fellow celebrities alike reaching out. Some of those fans flocked to a four-week-old selfie he'd posted to Instagram.

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While the photo itself was fairly innocuous, some have looked at it in a new context of late.

"I'm going to tell you this cause I care about you," commented one concerned fan. "Listen, man, everybody loves you. God loves you. You have millions of fans and family who care about you. I want you to know man I'm always here for you no matter what."

"Can you please stop drinking and drugging yourself up? Your fans love you and we don't want to see you gone please stop for us I can see your health is worsening," wrote another.

"Are you okay, Post? We love you and want to make sure you okay," added a third.

"Not sure if you read this but you should have limitations for everything," another chimed in. "You lost a lot of weight all of a sudden. S—. Take care."

Concerns about Malone started during a concert in Nashville, Tennessee Wednesday night. Several in attendance pointed out his slurring, stumbling, as well as occasional facial expressions that seemed out of place. On Friday, he addressed the rumors on stage in Memphis, Tennessee.

"People have been asking me if I'm OK or on heavy drugs," he told the crowd. "I'm not on drugs and I feel the best I've ever f—ing felt in my whole life. That's why I can bust my ass for these shows and fall on the floor and do all that fun s--. Anybody that's concerned here I appreciate the love and support, but I feel f—ing fantastic."


In addition to touring, Malone also has a role in the Netflix movie Spenser Confidential. Mark Walhberg, who stars in the film, shared a clip on Twitter on Sunday where the singer tries to beat him up. Which goes about as well as you'd expect it to.

Malone is currently on tour through July 2. Spenser Confidential is available to stream on Netflix now.