Post Malone Breaks Three Ribs in On-Stage Accident, Still Finishes Concert

Post Malone took a serious fall on stage on Sunday night, but that didn't stop him from finishing his show. Fans saw the 27-year-old rapper slip and fall at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri, and while some were shocked Malone himself seemed to shake it off quickly. However, according to a report by The Blast he later found that he had broken three of his ribs.

A video of the incident circulating on social media seems to show Post Malone falling through the flooring on the stage during his hit song "Circles." He landed hard on his side and then rolled over, twitching his limbs and apparently screaming in pain. He held out his hand and the staff at the venue rushed over to check on him. According to fans in attendance, Malone left the stage for about 10 minutes but eventually, he came back to finish his performance. He reportedly told the crowd that he was hurting pretty badly but that with the assistance of beer, he would be able to finish the show.

The fall reportedly happened about halfway through Malone's set, but it's not clear exactly how long that was. Witnesses said he frequently held his side with his hand for the rest of the night, apparently touching the point of impact and perhaps applying some pressure to ease the pain.

Some of Malone's most popular and most raucous songs came in that second half of the concert, including "Rockstar" and "Cooped Up." He successfully played through the pain and some fans said they wouldn't have guessed how serious his injury was. On the other hand, some felt sorry for the rapper and said they would have understood if he had ended the concert early.

"He seems so shaken up rightfully so, I know this tour means as much to him as it does to us!!! And he loves his fans so much as we love him too!!" one person wrote. "It breaks my heart how he thinks he let his fans down. We only want you to be well, healthy & happy Austin!! Take good care."


Malone posted a video after the show thanking fans for their patience and explaining the fall in greater detail. He made several self-effacing jokes about the fall and his general propensity for clumsiness, apparently diverting blame away from the venue. He did not give any comment about whether his injuries would impact upcoming shows.

Malone is currently on his "Twelve Carat Tour," and his next show is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 19 in Columbus, Ohio. He has not given any hint that his injury on Sunday night will prevent him from performing on Monday.