Watch: Pink Scales a Skyscraper to Prep for AMAs Performance

P!nk brought her performance to a new level this week when she was seen practicing her latest wire act on the outside of a 34-story hotel.

The pop star is known for her gravity-defying shows. However, when she promised in Instagram video on Friday that "this is by far the craziest, most insane thing I have ever attempted to do," not many people expected her to set the bar so high before the show even started.

A video posted by TMZ shows P!nk hanging on the outside of the J.W. Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles with a partner. The two stand parallel to the ground, with their feet on the building's plate glass windows. They take turns rushing at each other, flipping over one another, and grasping arms. Sometimes they look like dance partners and other times they look like astronauts.

P!nk is rehearsing for her upcoming performance at the America Music Awards, which will air Sunday, Nov. 19. She's set to perform the title track from her most recent album Beautiful Trauma. She's also scheduled to open the show with a performance alongside Kelly Clarkson — a collaboration that both artists as well as their fans have built up a lot of buzz for.


P!nk isn't up for and awards herself this year, though she's had several nominations in the past.