Pink Just Honored Her Late Father With Moving Tribute

Two months after her father died, singer Pink shared a new tribute to Jim Moore on Instagram Friday, which would have been his 76th birthday. Moore died on Aug. 26, following a battle with prostate cancer. Moore was a Vietnam War veteran, whose experiences inspired him to write the song "I Have Seen the Rain," which Pink recorded for her 2006 album I'm Not Dead.

At the beginning of her tribute Friday, Pink noted that she only knew her father for 42 years, which is "not that long." Memories of their fights and misunderstandings flood her mind at first, but then she also remembers how Moore supported her. "Simultaneously I remember the way you would pat my hand and say 'aww' to remind me to be gentler... to remind me that I was nicer than that thing I said," she wrote. "How you would tell me that the world was out to get me, but that the world was full of animals that needed our help. Nature that needed to be revered. Silence that needed to be listened to."

"You taught me that no fight was too small, except the ones that chipped away at your soul," Pink continued. "I don't even know that I can handle the cold hard truth that I miss you yet. I wanna still act like this is one of those times that I'm busy and not calling. I can't feel this yet." She went on to write that she was "ashamed" that she may have forgotten to send Moore a birthday card, but they always "understood" each other's hearts "have always been a bit broken."

"I don't know where you are," Pink concluded. "And therefore I don't know where I am either. Anyways, happy birthday Daddy Sir. Gone but not forgotten. I won't miss you yet. I'm not ready."

Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, hinted that her father was not doing well on Aug. 25, when she shared a photo of the two performing "I Have Seen the Rain" during an MTV concert in 2006. The next day, she posted black and white photos of herself dancing with Moore, one taken when she was a child and another more recently. "Till forever," she simply wrote on Aug. 26. Pink did not share further details about her father's death, but she wrote about his battle with prostate cancer on Instagram in July 2020.

This was a big month for Pink's family, as her husband, Carey Hart, needed a neck surgery and an M6 disc replacement. The motorcyclist also had a spine disc replacement in September. "To my amazing wife/nurse who has taken amazing care of me through all of this. I love you baby," Hart wrote to Pink in a post during his recovery. Pink and Hart are parents to daughter Willow, 10, and Jameson, 4.