Pink's Husband Carey Hart Undergoes Another Major Surgery


Pink's husband, motorcycle racer Carey Hart took to social media recently to update fans on his recovery process for yet another surgery. "Round 2, let's do this!!!!" he captioned a photo of him from his hospital bed, sharing it with his 1.1 million Instagram followers. Hart, 46, had neck surgery. He was given an M6 disc replacement, which is a procedure in which an artificial disc is placed in the spine that mimic's its natural structure and movement, per a report from Daily Mail.

He thanked the hospital staff for their care in a video he posted to his social media accounts. His stay in the hospital was not anticipated to be a lengthy one. "I got to stay the night tonight," he explained in a video. "I got a drain in my neck and then I'll be out of here, on my way home, by morning time."

Hart has had a number of major surgeries. He explained previously that he had to get the surgeries because doctors believed he compression-fractured his lower spine "at least 10 to 12 times." His wife has been by his side helping aid his caregivers. 

"To my amazing wife/nurse who has taken amazing care of me through all of this. I love you baby," he wrote in a previous post when he was recovering. Hart and Pink are parents to a son Jameson, 4, and a daughter Willow, 10.  

His career has left him with multiple injuries. He's undergone at least eight procedures for his injuries. Hart had spinal surgery in 2014, a back procedure in 2019, and a rotator cuff surgery in 2020.


He spoke with Rolling Stone in 2014 about his surgeries and injuries, saying at the time, "I've broken everything you could imagine." But, it didn't stop him from continuing in the sport. "I can't tell you how many times I've been laying in the dirt, something broken, bone sticking out, just thinking "Why the f**k do I keep doing this?" But you go to the hospital, you get stitched up, or bolted back together, and you go home and heal, and eventually, you start to forget the injury and start to miss your motorcycle."