Miley Cyrus Clear of Lawsuit Claiming Song Was Stolen

Miley Cyrus is no longer in legal trouble from the success of her hit collaboration with Mike Will Made-It.

The singer was named in a lawsuit against herself, Mike Will, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa accusing them of stealing the song "23 (J's On My Feet)" from a rapper named Yella the Triple Threat, which has now been dropped.

Yella, whose real name is Ariella Ashe, claimed in the suit that she released "J's On My Feet ft. Fleetwood" in 2013 in her promotional mixtape named The Big Bang, as first reported by The Blast.

The rapper claimed that Cyrus and company dropped 23 (J's On My Feet) a year later and that it is a complete ripoff of her track. As she said in the suit, her song was used to "reinvent [Cyrus'] musical career from child star to the edgier, urban and adult performer she is today."

She also claimed to not have been given a songwriting credit on the track or "been paid a dime."

The rapper sued seeking an injunction against all the musicians involved, seeking thousands of dollars in damages.

The lawsuit slowly lost steam, as Yella dropped rapper Juicy J form the suit, explains she had "reached an agreement regarding this matter" with him and dropping her claims. At that time, the lawsuit against Cyrus continued.

Now, the rapper filed court documents revealing she decided to dismiss all claims against the "Inspired" singer and dropped the lawsuit on Nov. 14. Miley did not publicly respond to the allegations, or made appearances in court.

The legal case is not the first Cyrus had to deal with at the time of her Bangerz era, as musician Michael May previously sued Cyrus in a $300 million copyright lawsuit for the song "We Can't Stop."

Back in March, the singer also known as Flourgon, alleged that Cyrus' hit single was similar to his 1998 song "We Run Things."

The main reference to his No. 1 hit song in Jamaica, he listed in his suit, were the lyrics "We run things / Things no run we." Cyrus' song contains the lyrics "We run things / Things don't run we."

The "We Can't Stop" lawsuit remains active. Cyrus has not commented on this lawsuit publicly so far.


The singer made headlines this past week after her home, which she shares with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, was one of many structures destroyed by the Woosley wildfire in Southern California.

After months away from social media, Cyrus returned to Instagram where she has been encouraging her fans to donate, she also helped promote the newly created Malibu Foundation to help with relief efforts in the area.