Mac Miller's First Posthumous Song Just Came out, and Fans Are in Tears

Mac Miller's first official posthumous work was released on Wednesday, and it had fans mourning all over again.

Miller passed away in September, not long after the release of his final album, Swimming. The rapper had other work left unreleased, however, including a verse featured on the new Free Nationals song "Time." The track features Kali Uchis as well, and comes from singer Anderson .Paak's group. According to a report by NPR, Miller's family sanctioned the release of "Time" after his death.

"Time is a slow, steady song led by an acoustic guitar and base riff. It is catchy, carefree song meant for happy summer days, but for some fans hearing Miller's voice again has the opposite effect. In his verse, Miller discusses depression, substance abuse and reclusive behavior.

"I don't trip, but I slip, I fall / Sleep all day maybe miss your call," Miller raps. "Like I been missing you / Still I continue tied up and trippin' / I'm making the wrong decisions and you sick of it all."

Miller's verse makes many references to a past lover, and of course many fans speculated that it might be Ariana Grande. He and the singer dated for two years, and split up a few short months before Miller's death. However, Miller repeatedly said that he had written all of his recent songs before his split with Grande, and none of them were about her.

In fact, Miller's legacy consists of much more than a single bad breakup. The rapper was a hard-working tour de force in the hip hop community, known for raising others up along with him rather than just climbing the industry ladder upward himself. His music evolved rapidly as well, going from early "frat rap" efforts to brutally honest, self-reflective work.

It was in his lyrics that Miller confessed about his penchant for reckless substance abuse. The rapper went from a cheerful teenage marijuana enthusiast to a self-confessed "drug addict" before his fans' very eyes. One of Miller's most beloved works, the 2014 Faces mixtape, discusses using cocaine, heroin, PCP and other hard drugs, as well as LSD, marijuana and other mind-bending substances.

In the end, Miller's death was ruled an accidental drug overdose. The rapper was found dead in his bed in his Los Angeles-area home, with a bottle of liquor by his bedside. An autopsy showed a deadly mixture of alcohol, cocaine and the highly potent opiate fentanyl, which has played a part in the deaths of many celebrities in recent years.


Miller's death sent shockwaves through the industry and inspired countless fond obituaries. Many of the other artists who had benefited from his help and influence praised him on social media, on stage and elsewhere. The release of "Time" on Wednesday had them doing the same again.

"Time" is available on YouTube, Spotify and other music streaming platforms.