Exclusive: Luke Archer Premieres 'What's It Like'

Pop singer-songwriter Luke Archer is prepping his debut EP and PopCulture.com exclusively presents a stream of his latest single from The Edge.

"What's It Like" is a upbeat love song from the Nashville newcomer that combines sunny electronic production, a Justin Timberlake-like falsetto and lyrics about the first inklings of a relationship.

"This song is basically how we feel in our heads before first approaching a crush, while at the same time our minds are running wild," Archer tells PopCulture.com.

The lyrics center on a love interest "smoother than cream" and "sweeter than dreams." Archer rides a glitzy pop beat to deliver the lyrics with a suave demeanor.

However, "What's It Like" originally began as a "quirky" track over a completely different music bed. The song did not quite work in its original form, but producer Christian Davis pulled out a beat that ended up being the ideal match.

"'What's It Like' was one of my favorite recording sessions ever," Archer says. "Ten minutes in, we scrapped my initial melody and track and pulled a total 180 using mostly the same lyrics. What started as a quirky, fun song turned into a smooth, suave record within a couple of hours."

Along with his previous single "Taken," this new cut will appear on The Edge, which will be released this year on Unity Records.

The debut marks a pivotal point in the career of the former Hollywood session singer. It showcases Archer's arrival as a pop artist along with his growth as a songwriter.


"The Edge has pushed me in the best ways," he says. "It let me run in all directions with a theme — write from different perspectives, take on new personas, but do it in my own way. Each song really is its own beast. I've worked with some of the best in the business to develop a great sound and work my way all around the genre, and I'm thrilled with where we ended up."

Archer's material can be found on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon and SoundCloud.