Lizzo Wants to 'Leave Backlash on the Internet' Behind in Wake of Recent Controversies

Changes are coming for Lizzo in 2020. Ahead of a recent show in Amsterdam, which is in the running along with Vegas for a possible nude concert, the singer speculated about the resolutions she's made for herself ahead of the new year. Speaking with 3FM, Lizzo said point-blank that she's planning to "leave backlash on the internet in 2019."

"I'm not gonna perceive it as backlash anymore," the pop star elaborated. "If I don't have control over that, it affects me mentally and emotionally in negative ways. I think my relationship with the internet is going to change, for sure."

That doesn't mean that the "Tempo" singer has any intention of going offline next year. While she vows to change how she perceives the backlash she gets when she does just about anything, she was quick to defend its more positive aspects that keep her coming back.

"That's why I love the internet so much, because I get to connect with the people who support me immediately," she explained. "Even say a message who doesn't know who I am. 'Count backward from 10 and remind yourself that you're 100 percent that bitch,' and someone who doesn't even know who I am will see that and do it and feel better. Which is why I'm never leaving that bitch."

The most recent controversy Lizzo sparked was just earlier this week when she wore a derriere-baring outfit to a Lakers/Timberwolves game. Along with the usual social media firestorm, it even had some calling for the singer to be banned from Staples Center outright. As usual, she took it in stride, pointing out the double-standards at play while also citing fellow pop sensation Rihanna as the outfit's inspiration.

Lizzo also got in on the recent Baby Yoda craze when she shared a video on Instagram which featured "Good as Hell" mashed up with a scene from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

Overall, it hasn't been a bad year for the singer, although she did recently admit that she's having trouble living up to being named the 2019 Entertainer of the Year by TIME.


"From March to… now, I was experiencing a little bit of unhappiness. I was not happy with the way I felt to my body," she confessed.

Still, she'd rely on her fans, which she said would "just cheer to make me feel better."