Guns 'N Roses Fans Send Love to Axl Rose Following On-Stage Fall

Guns N' Roses fans are lining up to send well wishes to frontman Axl Rose after he took a bit of stumble on stage Friday night in Las Vegas. The singer was in the middle of a performance of the band's cover of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" when the 57-year-old Rose slipped and fell while moving backward.

TMZ shared video from the incident and noted that Rose didn't miss a beat, standing up and continuing the show alongside Slash and Duff McKagan. He also grabbed a towel to wipe up where he fell, indicating that there might've been some fluid on the ground causing the fall.

None of this stopped fans of the legendary rock band to reach out and send their best.

"We believe in you, Axl. May you rock for a thousand years," one fan wrote.

"Feel hugged by all your fans who love you very unconditionally! We hope you get well and recover soon! You're a falling star that shines, so we love you unconditionally!" a second added.

"I was really worried about your crush on the last show, because you've been seriously injured twice before," a third said before adding in a promise to the singer. "Be well, and know that always under any circumstances I will be here to pray and ask for many positive energies for you and the dear people around you!"

Rose was appreciative on social media following the spill, posting a tweet thanking fans.

A photo snapped of the moment shows a far different Rose than we've seen in the past, which some fans pointed out. The singer was able to just smile off the accidental fall.

"He showed a lot of growth in this tour - some might joke physically, but he was punctual and we all know the old Axl (who might have sounded better) might have ended that show in frustration," a fan commented on Facebook. "He's lost a lot of his rasp, but he [sounded] great both times I saw him on this tour in Detroit. As a fan, I hope they get to the studio soon now that they've banked reportedly half a billion on this tour."

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"Still the best front man! Amazes me how amazing He's been, especially compared to others like Vince Neil who clearly need to go back into retirement," another added while including a shot at the former Motley Crue frontman.


Luckily it would seem that Rose is fine and the band will continue rocking on the road without delay.