Evan Rachel Wood Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted Twice

Evan Rachel Wood shared a very personal and tragic detail about her life in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The actress revealed that she has been sexually assaulted twice, Us Weekly reports. "By a significant other while we were together. And on a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar. … I don't believe we live in a time where people can stay silent any longer. Not given the state our world is in with its blatant bigotry and sexism."

Wood credits HBO's Westworld for helping her deal with some of the negative experiences she's had in her past. "I mean, your demons never fully leave," she said. "But when you're using them to create something else, it almost gives them a purpose and feels like none of it was in vain. I think that's how I make peace with it. Westworld? Good God. I left so much in that first season and never looked back."


This article originally appeared on Womanista.com