6 Exciting Jobs to Inspire Your Wanderlust in the New Year

As far as the eye can see and well beyond the dusk, it’s evident we are true lovers of travel. [...]

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As far as the eye can see and well beyond the dusk, it's evident we are true lovers of travel. From meeting people to indulging in the local fare and culture, we are nomads at heart, always seeking new experiences to quench our wanderlust.

Yet the truth is, we can't always travel on a whim because we need to log those hours for work — you know, that thing that helps you make a living? But, if sitting in a cubicle all-day is starting to become a bore and leaves you feeling unchallenged, it might be time to pivot careers and aim for something that sparks thrill through mobility.

For those with a strong, innate desire to keep their feet moving like Forrest Gump and just travel the world for the new year, there are careers that allow you to do just that, while still making a healthy living. Some require extensive training with talent and skill, others are perfect for anyone willing to learn or looking to discover a job that will whisk them off to places they've only daydreamed of.

If you love music and are someone who has traveled across states to see your favorite band, the life of a roadie might be up your alley. Diving deep behind the scenes and getting unprecedented access fans only dream about, roadies hold different positions during a tour, while inking up a ton of pages in their passport. From operating equipment to providing security or even acting as a personal assistant to members or producers — it's a job that has you living out of your suitcase, requires good communication skills and the ability to be a team member.

Au pair
For those who love children, this is the quintessential career. Of course, you must have childcare experience and training, the ability to speak a second language and if you sing like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music — well, that's bonus points. As an au pair, you live with the family you work for, provide them with childcare, and receive a salary based on your efforts. Depending on the ages of the children, responsibilities include anything from diapers to homework. Additionally, if they own another home elsewhere, you will be traveling with them.

Flight attendant
Serving as a vital part of an airline crew, flight attendants assist passengers and ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. Options are endless too, as you can work for commercial airlines, private or business jets, or even specific military aircrafts. However, you aren't always in one place for long and only ever get a few hours off between flights. While the job opens your eyes to cultural differences and customs, it will also have you working long hours, including weekends and holidays, so it involves dedication and patience.

International aid worker
As one of the more emotionally rewarding jobs, working for aid organizations like the Red Cross or UNICEF makes a real difference to everyone involved. Not only do you get to travel the world, learn about others, and help those less fortunate, but you also get to see what really matters when applying your skill for the better. While it might be impossible to apply to organizations without some volunteer work first, it's a job that appreciates all hands on deck — especially if you've studied or have a degree on subjects pertaining to engineering, education, health, crisis management, agriculture, or private enterprise.

Travel writer
Like any other writing career based on an extensive journalistic foundation, travel writing takes time to cultivate. Yet, when you start on the freelance route and work your way up through submissions or copywriting, it's one of the most exciting careers. With a salary that pays upon quality, each story usually has its own requirements based on destinations — meaning, assignments change with every trip you take. However, bear in mind it's a job requiring unique creativity around the clock as every assignment starts before you land.

Resorts and tour guide
Whether it's on a sunny island or the snowy Alps, resort jobs are a fun way to explore your wanderlust as you get to work in a place that basks in entertainment and excitement on a daily basis. It's like a vacation every day! Many establishments are willing to hire travelers as staff and assign them to varied jobs such as front desk attendants, hostess, tour guides and much more. Since resorts are always on the hunt for diversity as a means to engage tourists, it's a job that would require sociability, congeniality and immense enthusiasm.

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