Woman Shows What Real Post-Baby Body Looks

Julie Bhosale, a blogger and nutritionist in New Zealand, is proudly showing what a real postpartum body looks like.

So many people think that a woman's body miraculously snaps back into exactly what it was before as soon as she pushes out the baby, and that is so unrealistic. The honest truth is that most women leave the hospital looking like they are still pregnant.

(Photo: Julie Bhosale / Via juliebhosale.co.nz)

"I am a mother. I have created, grown, carried and birthed two gorgeous sons," She says on her blog.

And part of being a mother is wearing those scars proudly. But it's not always easy.

She told Buzzfeed News, "After my first son I really struggled with the changes that happened to my body and the pressure I felt to bounce back. I thought getting my body back to how it was before would just happen and it didn't."

"I thought if I feel like this, with my knowledge of nutrition and how the body works, then imagine what other women must feel like?" she continued.

Bhosale called out a society that pressures women to bounce back immediately after giving birth and celebrates women for shedding the baby weight quickly. It creates unrealistic expectations by glorifying figures like Kate Middleton, who looks great, but in reality is a very small minority.

By sharing the pictures, she felt she had "a chance to make a difference and maybe help even one mum feel less alone."


"It's so important to talk about this, and to show that this is normal, and that women are incredible and not put even more pressure on ourselves," she said.

There's no need for women to secretly suffer. It's time to talk about women's bodies after birth in an open and honest way.