Quick, Here’s How to Get Rid Of Your Headache In 2 Minutes


Headaches say ‘hey girl!’ at the most inconvenient times - when you’re working, overwhelmed with housework or at a kid’s birthday party (likely your own). But instead of popping ibuprofen to relieve the pain, first try this quick guided visualization technique made popular by YouTuber Kamil K. Wawrzyszko.

Surprisingly, it works to relieve mild common headaches!

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He encourages viewers not to overthink things or puzzle themselves thinking of their answers. Just consider his questions and answer them as best as you can.

1. Ask yourself: Where is your headache? What shape it is? What color is your headache?

2. Answer these questions out loud if that helps you visualize your headache and your feelings.

3. Repeat this question/answer process four times. (Watch Kamil’s video if you need guidance to focus.)

And there you have it! Is your headache gone?

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Wawrzyszko explains in a later video why he believes this method works so well. He also says many people don’t understand how to assign a color or shape to a headache (it isn’t a real object, after all), but that isn’t the important part. It’s the focus and attention paid to answering these questions that allows your headache to be cured in under two minutes.

“The more you look at things, the more they disappear,” he explained. And as most common headaches are self-inflicted based on stress or as an excuse not to do something, recognizing your headache and talking about properties of it rather than the pain allows it to vanish.