Panera Bread Reveals a Spicy New Sandwich

Panera Bread lovers looking to try something new, there's a new chicken sandwich coming on March 30. Restaurant News reports that the soup, salad, and sandwich fast food chain is introducing new items known Chef's Chicken Sandwiches. There are two chicken sandwich options: the "Signature Take" and the "Spicy Take." Both start at just $10.99 with a promise of high quality and clean ingredients.

The sandwich is unlike any other and is set between two yummy buns. With the juicy quarter pound of 100% all-white meat chicken breast filet at the center, it is marinated with the best chicken flavor and seasoned with Panera's original spice blend. The filet is seared golden brown and is topped with a crunchy topping of either parmesan crisps or spicy, crispy pickle chips, and a proprietary garlic aioli sauce.

"With Panera's new Chef's Chicken Sandwiches, we're launching an exciting new platform, that will delight our guests. This is no ordinary chicken sandwich," said Eduardo Luz, Chief Brand & Concept Officer, of the company. "This is for a guest looking for a delicious, chef-crafted, gourmet-level sandwich, freshly prepared and made with Clean ingredients in true Panera fashion. This will shatter the expectations of what a chicken sandwich should taste like, and we think they're worth every bite and every penny."

"The Signature Take" Chef's Chicken Sandwich tops the chicken breast filet with a new garlic aioli sauce made with ingredients like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic. "The Spicy Take" adds crispy pickle chips alongside its garlic aioli with spicy buffalo sauce. The sauce is a combination of ingredients that include red cayenne pepper and roasted garlic balanced, sweet honey and molasses.


"Our chefs and bakers know how to combine flavors to create elevated culinary classics – The Familiar, Made Fantastic™. We've brought that expertise to this new category many times over," said Claes Petersson, Head Chef and Chief Food Innovation Officer of the company. "We always love crafting a new offering from Panera's pantry of Clean ingredients, because we believe Clean food, freshly prepared, tastes delicious. From the juicy chicken breast filet to the spicy, crispy pickle chips, our two new Chef's Chicken Sandwiches pack a serious flavor punch."