My Weight Loss Journey: Losing 30+ Pounds with Meditation

my weight loss journey

As a young girl, Sarah Faith Brumett was extremely active. Sure, she played soccer and things like that, but Sarah was also immersed in nature, taking bike rides and hikes whenever she could. When she turned 13, her dad was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer. He was given six months to live, and that was enough to trigger Sarah's consolation with food.

This relationship with food, the binging and comfort eating, continued throughout adolescence and into college. The result of over-indulging led to her weight gain. She wanted to change things, but like so many women, didn't know where to begin.

"I went to Weight Watchers at a young age, tried different diets, nothing worked," Sarah said. "It always felt like something was keeping me stuck where I was."


The Spark

Instead of working from the outside, Sarah discovered a different angle that would begin her transformation in the deepest pockets of her mind and heart. She heard about something called ThetaHealing® and it peaked her curiosity.

"I used to think I was overweight because something was wrong with me; I had poor self control or was lazy," admitted Sarah. "Then I discovered that I was holding onto the weight because of something much deeper. If I was going to make changes in my life, I needed to get all of me on the same page."

The Fuel

ThetaHealing® is a type of mind, body and spirit re-training therapy one can utilize to shift perspective and change your brain wave. It's much deeper than a guided meditation. See more about it here. Sarah became vulnerable to the process and that allowed her to heal the wounds she kept covering with food.

"In essence, changing my subconscious blocks allowed me to make permanent changes in my life and body," Sarah said. "What I experienced is that when I took action like a new exercise routine or new food program, I would hit a wall of resistance and wanted to give up — I knew that I was going outside of my comfort zone."

The healing therapy, which Sarah learned to do on her own, plus regular workouts to Bar Method classes kept her on track. She turned to books for more knowledge, including The Rhythm to a Perfect Weight and French Women Don't Get Fat. She began supplementing, taking alpha lipoic acid to cleanse the body, omega-3 to nourish it, molybdenum to help with yeast die-off, and vitamin B for energy.

"ThetaHealing® addressed my blocks both physically and emotionally," Sarah explained. "I learned that we accumulate weight in layers. As you release those layers, old stored feelings and emotions will come up that you were experiencing during the time that you put on the weight, so it is really important that you are able to work through what you were facing at the time."

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The Change

As a mother of two, she needed to set good examples for her two children and help them grow into healthy individuals. Sarah began cooking her own meals at home, learning her way around the kitchen and how to prepare food appropriate for her body's needs. The weight began to drop off, from 172 pounds at 5'5" to 138 pounds, totaling a loss of 34 pounds.

"I can do any physical thing I want," she said. "I can run around with the kids on the playground, give them piggy back rides. I can jump on my bike and ride along the Hudson River for an hour, or go on a 5-mile hike or climb a tree. I can wear shorts with no shame."


The New Sarah

You can find her leading ThetaHealing® sessions for clients or for herself. This lucky girl has a kitchen in her office where she can make delicious and nutritious meals. A typical lunch for her includes quinoa, kale, garbanzo beans, cabbage, oven roasted broccoli, sweet potato, mushrooms and a homemade dressing. She'll pack the kids' lunches the night before school. They'll wake up, eat breakfast (steel-cut oats, goat yogurt and steel-cut peaches) and get ready together. Sarah's off to the office where she has some green or oolong tea, preps her lunch and returns home in the evening for dinner. She always aims to get the family at the table for dinner.

As for her workouts, they've changed in the last year. "I was in an accident last year so I had to stop going to my Bar Method class," Sarah said. "This was a very trying time for me as I felt that my success with weight loss was really attached to my workout."

Now, there's a lot of walking, plenty of stretching and incorporation of foam rolling as Sarah is gearing for a surfing trip with her husband (and she gets to work with him, too!).

(Photo: Photo Courtesy of ThetaHealing NYC)

The Last Note


"My advice is to stop being hard on yourself," Sarah said. "You cannot change yourself and your body through criticism, otherwise you will just end up feeling trapped in a body and diet you hate. It is much easier to do it through love. Have patience with yourself. I am still on my weight loss journey. Every week I am striving to become stronger and healthier and happier."

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