Hilary Duff's Daily Diet Sounds Delicious

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Hilary Duff is making a comeback. The 28-year-old Disney Channel alum's latest TV venture, Younger, is about to embark on its fourth season, and Duff even released a full-length album last year.

Did we mention that the mom of 4-year-old Luca is looking absolutely stunning these days? She shared a video on Instagram on Monday, showing off her figure in a stunning green gown.

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How does Duff stay so fit? By hitting up the gym, of course! She told Cosmopolitan that she works out four to five times a week, doing all kinds of strength training and cardio.

"I do a lot of strength-training stuff," she said. "A lot of jumping, medicine balls, dead lifts, hip thrusts. I'm a pretty strong little gal."

Duff also shared that she begins and ends her workouts with cardio, spending some time on the treadmill.

All that hard work in the gym doesn't go unmatched in the actress's diet! Duff meal preps every weekend in an effort not to clean up her son's scraps.

Green is the name of our game! Happy Sunday evening! 💚

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"I try to make stuff over the weekend, like a big thing of quinoa to throw in some salad," she said. "I cook for a 4-year-old all the time, so if I don't have stuff on hand that's healthy for me, I'll just clean up his plate, and that's not a good look."

Check out a day out of Duff's food diary:


Oatmeal with almond butter, golden raisins and maple syrup.


Salad with protein. "I'm not an 'I love chicken breasts' kind of girl," she said. "I love a turkey burger on top of a salad, or, like a piece of fish on top of a salad."

Seester @haylieduff did I make you proud? (Minus my shitty plating skills😞) paleo scallops 😋

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When she's not out to eat, she'll cook with Luca (perhaps some Paleo scallops?).


When it comes to dessert, Duff specializes in a black bean chocolate cake that sister Haylie Duff swears by. Don't worry, it tastes nothing like beans. The black beans are a fiber-rich alternative to flour, making this tasty treat gluten-free. Hilary even said that Haylie's fiancé, a notortious picky eater, loved every bite. "He devoured the whole thing," she said. "He's such a cake and sweets connoisseur, and he had no idea [it had black beans in it]."


Think you could handle Duff's healthy eating and fitness habits? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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