Cheers to a Healthier Happy Hour

Sometimes, four margaritas and five baskets of chips happens.

We aren't proud. We are, however, bloated, hung over and strongly questioning our life choices.

We at Womanista would never tell you to give up your beloved happy hour with your best girls; that would be blasphemous.

Life is all about balance though, and we firmly believe you can still have your cake (or martini) and eat (or drink) it, too.

Here are our suggestions for what you should be sipping at happy hour to maintain your waistline (you're on your own when it comes to the mountainous chip baskets)

Skinny Margarita

Ask your bartender to ditch the sugary premade mix and opt for a marg made with lime juice and a splash of simple syrup instead. This version is only 144 calories!


This chic, classic cocktail can be made using only vodka, lime juice and a splash of light cranberry juice, putting you at just about 110 calories per serving.

The Original Mojito

High-calorie mojitos come from using those sneaky premade mixers. The original mojito only calls for rum, mint, soda water, lime and just a tiny bit of sugar (and you can request for your bartender to use simple syrup of stevia in lieu of sugar).


This simple cocktail can be jazzed up with healthy additions like cucumber or basil, and depending on how you make it, you could barely break 100 calories!

Old Fashioned

This old standby using minimal ingredients—just bourbon, bitters and orange peel—and you can swap out the sugar for simple syrup for an even healthier alternative.


When in doubt, a standard glass of bubbly will only set you back about 85 calories (plus, you'll feel all glamorous drinking it).

Rum and Diet Coke


Simple and straight to the point, this combo needs no explanation. Lessen the calorie count even more by using a white rum instead of dark.

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