Eat Like An Angel: 12 Heavenly Angel Food Cake Recipes

If you've been eating healthy and keeping up with an active lifestyle, it's time to treat yourself with something delicious. To make a dessert that's light, sweet and fluffy, look no further. We've complied a list of 12 heavenly dessert recipes using angel food cake. Dig in, ladies!

1. Skinny Strawberry Angel Food Cupcakes: This light and sweet recipe is super easy to make! Perfect for special occasions or just a simple dessert for family dinner. Click here for the recipe. Skinny Strawberry Angel Food Cupcakes

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2. Lemon Coconut Cake: You don’t need to wait until Easter to make this delicious dessert! Lemon and coconut flavors elicit sunny memories — bake this to bring a happy day! Check it out.

lemon coconut easter cake

3. Red, White and Blue Trifle: This patriotic-themed trifle is light, healthy and super tasty! Natural sweetness from the strawberries and blueberries make this a simple, yet delicious dessert. Click here to get the recipe.

4. Skinny Tiramisu: This recipe puts a skinny twist on a traditionally unhealthy dessert. The angel food cake easily substitutes the lady fingers required in the original recipe, and tastes just as yummy. Get the nutritional information here.


5. Lemony Angel Food Cake: This light and lemony angel food cake will make a perfect dessert to serve at birthday and dinner parties. We can thank Martha Stewart for this sweet treat. Click here to get the instructions.

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6. Angel Food French Toast Sticks: Angel food is taking over the breakfast scene through the form of a favorite morning dish. The directions are kind of tricky, so be sure to follow every step! (via Rachel Schultz)

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(Photo: Rachel Schultz)

7. Pumpkin Angel Food Cake: Just when you thought there couldn’t be another pumpkin-flavored food item, this recipe pops up. (via Real House Moms)

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8. Coconut Cream Poke Cake: This creamy and sweet angel food cake recipe is great for anyone who loves coconut. Serve with a side of cut pineapple and enjoy! Click here to check it out.

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(Photo: Like Mother Like Daughter)

9. Lemon Berry Cake Trifle: This angel food trifle combines zesty lemon and sweet blueberry together in a tasty medley. Bring to potlucks or serve at family dinners, and let your guests be impressed! (via The Lemon Bowl)

Photo Credit: Lemon Bowl
(Photo: The Lemon Bowl)

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10. Black and White Cake: If you want to make a simple angel food cake recipe that’s not overwhelmingly sweet, this is perfect for you This gluten-free black and white angel cake layers vanilla and chocolate flavored goodness in a light and healthy way. Click here to see.

Photo Credit: Gluten Free Canteen
(Photo: Gluten Free Canteen)

11. Weight Watchers® Blueberry Bars: These Weight Watchers® angel food cake bars only require two ingredients and five minutes to make. How’s that for fast, easy and delicious?! Click here to check it out.

Photo Credit: Weight Watchers
(Photo: Weight Watchers)

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12. Blueberry and Cream: This angel food cake is absolutely heavenly and slightly addicting. To make this recipe even healthier, ditch the added whipped cream on top — you’ll save yourself a load of calories. (via Mel's Kitchen Café)

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(Photo: Mel's Kitchen Cafe)