5 Positive Effects You'll Notice When You're Sugar-Free

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Yay! You've kicked the habit. Even if it's for a short period of time, you may already notice some positive effects. These effects will last as long as your aversion to sugar does.

Weight loss: Eating too much sugar will cause your body to react in a fat-storing way, using the glucose as energy instead of the fat in your body. Any sugar not used for energy is transformed into triglycerides (a type of fat) and stored in the liver. More fat means more weight. Once you drop off the sugar wagon, your weight will drop, too.

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Higher energy: The sugar "highs" you get after scarfing down a big piece of birthday cake or chugging a full can of your soda are temporary and artificial. These bursts of energy are not real. Eventually you crash, and crave more energy, which your brain thinks is sugar-related. Eliminating sugar should make you feel like you can get through the day without crashing. You should feel energized mentally and physically.

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Decreased cravings: When you enter the sugar-free world, you'll feel blindsided by all of the intense cravings of sweet things you're leaving behind. It's a tough place to be. Once you get over the hump, you'll realize how much you don't crave those things anymore. You'll notice you are more in control of your appetite.

Meal satisfaction: On a chemical level, you'll feel more satisfied with smaller portions of healthy food. When you're eating a meal, the brain triggers a release of hormones that tell the rest of your body you're in fact full. More than that, your brain will also hold off on releasing the hormones that tell you you're hungry again. Without sugar present to make the calls, your brain can function on its own accord.

Better sleep: When you have high blood sugar or spike it throughout the day, you'll probably experience poor sleep. You probably feel really tired, and you end up eating more because your body demands more energy. This cyclic process leads to restless nights. A steady blood sugar level will give you that deep, peaceful sleep you experienced as a kid (like when you have no clue your dad just picked you up and moved you from the couch).


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