Morgan Wallen Video: Adia Victoria Takes 'Voice' Alum to Task for Using Racist Slur, 'SNL' Scandal

Ever since a video emerged that showcased singer Morgan Wallen using the N-word, many figures within the country music community have spoken out on the scandal. Shortly after the news broke, singer Adia Victoria took to Instagram to address the situation. Not only did she comment on his most recent scandal, but she also acknowledged the fact that Wallen previously disregarded COVID-19 safety measures prior to his appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2020, which led to the show replacing him with Jack White (SNL would later go on to have Wallen be the musical guest in an episode that aired in December).

Victoria began her caption by directly addressing Wallen, making sure that it was clear who she was talking about. She wrote, "don’t know who needs to hear this (ahem, #morganwallen ) but it’s possible to create music about the south without relying on mediocre and trite clichés." The singer went on to address the scandal surrounding Wallen and SNL. As previously mentioned, Wallen was originally due to be a musical guest on the NBC program in October. However, when he was seen getting close with fans without a mask on days before the show, a violation of SNL's safety precautions, the show canceled his appearance. Although, they did give him another chance only two months later, in December, when they asked him to be the musical guest during the Jason Bateman-fronted episode. Victoria continued, "it’s also possible to be a country music artist in Nashville and not be a raging racist who flouts COVID safety precautions (but still gets a second chance to perform on [SNL]) as well. anyhow, let me get back to composing my swamp songs, y’all. ['themoreyouknow']."

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This whole matter began after Wallen and his group of friends were making a ruckus as they made their way back to the singer's home in Nashville. The group was reportedly causing such a commotion that a neighbor began to record them. At one point in the video, Wallen could be heard telling one of his friends to look after another member of the group. He said tells him to "take care of" this "p— ass mother—" and then added, "take care of this p— ass n—," before he went inside his home.

Wallen subsequently issued an apology to TMZ for his language, which read, "I’m embarrassed and sorry. I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back. There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word. I promise to do better.”