Morgan Wallen Sells Nashville Home for Hefty Sum in Wake of Slur Video Leak

Morgan Wallen has sold the home where his now-infamous racist video was shot earlier this year. Wallen was caught using a racist slur in his driveway by one of his neighbors back in February, and he is still trying to recover his public goodwill. In the meantime, according to a report by TMZ, he is moving out of the neighborhood.

Wallen owned a home in Nashville, Tennessee, with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and extensive other amenities up until this month. Real estate documents reportedly show that Wallen sold the home in July for about $835,000. The property was part of a duplex with a rooftop patio and a private backyard, yet Wallen did not take advantage of that privacy back in February when he called a White friend a "p— ass n—" in his driveway.

Wallen admitted that he left home shortly after that video surfaced in a new tell-all interview on Friday. Speaking with Good Morning America's Michael Strahan, Wallen said he "went to one of my friends [who] has a house out in the middle of nowhere... Just sitting in that house, trying to figure out what it is I'm supposed to do."

Wallen told Strahan that ultimately, he decided to check himself into a 30-day rehab program in San Francisco, California. He said that the video was taken on "hour 72 of a 72-hour bender," and said that he would be maintaining his sobriety going forward. TMZ published video footage of Wallen performing at a Nashville bar since then with several beer bottles close at hand, though it was not clear if he was drinking them.

As for the slur itself, Wallen did not try to defend himself for using it, and said that he and his White friends have used it "playfully" on occasion. He acknowledged that this made him sound "ignorant" and said that he had a better understanding of why he shouldn't use it now.

"I was around some of my friends, and we just... we say dumb stuff together," he said. "And it was — in our minds, it's playful... that sounds ignorant, but it — that's really where it came from... and it's wrong."

Wallen said that he "didn't mean it any, in any derogatory manner at all," and continued: "It's one of my best friends — he was, we were all clearly drunk — I was askin' his girlfriend to take care of him because he was drunk and he was leaving."


Many critics are unconvinced of Wallen's sincerity and want to see him take further action to redeem himself. Some are also upset by the fact that Wallen's streaming metrics and album sales have only gone up since the incident, so there has not been a real tangible impact on his career. The house sale may feed into that perception as well.