Morgan Evans Recalls 'Tough' Move to US From Australia

Over the years, dozens of country artists have made their way to the United States to pursue their dreams, coming from countries around the world to try and make it big in Music City. One of those artists is Morgan Evans, who hails from Australia and is currently attempting to break through to the American country music market with his single, "Kiss Somebody."

Speaking to, Evans explained that he had been visiting Nashville for years before finally deciding to make it his permanent home nearly three years ago.

"I'd come over on trips for weeks or even a couple months to write, and I always had such good times. I thought, 'I've just got to move. I've got to move,'" he explained. "It was tough to move over here, and there are quite a few people you know. But there's no old friends and no family here. So there are some tough times."

Evans also discussed the difference between Australian and American country fans, explaining that fans in other countries don't always have the same opportunities as Americans to see their favorite artists play live.

"Australian country music fans have been so good to me for a long time now. I could talk about them all day," the singer shared. "What I've noticed about country music fans in different countries is that they are pretty similar. They're similar in the way that if you like country music, you dig everyone."

"And what I notice in America, I think we're just spoiled. Every big city in America has a big country music artist coming through every week," he added. "So that one CMC Rocks weekend in Australia where the big American acts come down, it's like the weekend. And it's the best weekend for country music in Australia."

Along with a burgeoning career, Evans has also found love in the United States, tying the knot with fellow country singer Kelsea Ballerini over the weekend. Although the pair met in Australia while hosting an awards show, they began dating upon their return to the States and Evans proposed in December 2016.


Photo Credit: Twitter / @Morgan_Evans