Miranda Lambert Asks 'Am I Right or Amarillo' in New Song

Miranda Lambert and collaborators Jack Ingram and Jon Randall released another song from their upcoming album The Marfa Tapes on Friday, sharing "Am I Right or Amarillo." The new song highlights the harmonies between the trio, who chronicle a cheating saga that began at a truck stop in Amarillo. Randall takes lead vocals while Lambert and Ingram join him for a three-part harmony.

"Am I right or Amarillo / Am I wrong for loving you?" they sing over an acoustic guitar, showcasing the album's stripped-back production. "Come lay down on my pillow / 'Til the dawn comes breaking through / Am I crazy, I don't know / You just might be, too / Am I right or Amarillo / Am I wrong for loving you?" On Instagram, Lambert shared that Ingram came up with the song's title. "'Am I Right or Amarillo' was a line @jackingram had," she wrote. "We were talking about how the most time we've ever spent in Amarillo was at the truck stop. We just started riffing on the title and the song showed itself. We all miss country cheating songs so we just went with it!"

Lambert, Ingram and Randall recorded The Marfa Tapes in Marfa, Texas in November with an acoustic guitar and two microphones. "I'll never forget pulling into Marfa that first night at 4 a.m.," Lambert said in a statement. "The stars were like nothing I'd ever seen before, just this endless blanket hanging so low you could reach up and touch them. I immediately understood why this place was so special."

Randall added, "There's no TV, no radio, nothing to do out there but pour a cocktail, sit around the campfire, and talk. Eventually, that just inevitably leads to songs. There's no pressure to write, but most of the time, the three of us can't seem to help ourselves." The album will be released on May 7, and the trio previously released two songs from the project — new song "In His Arms" and an acoustic version of Lambert's previous hit "Tin Man." See the album's full track list below.


1. "In His Arms"
2. "I Don't Like It"
3. "The Wind's Just Gonna Blow"
4. "Am I Right or Amarillo"
5. "Waxahachie"
6. "Homegrown Tomatoes"
7. "Breaking a Heart"
8. "Ghost"
9. "Geraldene
10. "We'll Always Have the Blues"
11. "Tin Man"
12. "Two Step Down to Texas"
13. "Anchor"
14. "Tequila Does"
15. "Amazing Grace (West Texas)"