Kristin Chenoweth Opens up About the Message Behind CMT's Concert for Love & Acceptance (Exclusive)

CMT will exclusively stream the 2020 Concert for Love & Acceptance, which will air on CMT's social [...]

CMT will exclusively stream the 2020 Concert for Love & Acceptance, which will air on CMT's social media channels on June 30 at 7 p.m. ET. Although, the event will look a bit different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, as it will be entirely virtual. Kristin Chenoweth will serve as one of the hosts of the program, which will benefit GLAAD and ACM Lifting Lives, alongside Cody Alan and Ty Herndon. In an exclusive interview with to promote her partnership with Town House, Chenoweth not only explained the struggles of hosting an event virtually, but she also opened up about what being a part of such an accepting event means to her.

When asked about what it means to be a part of CMT's Concert for Love & Acceptance, Chenoweth told exclusively, "It means a lot to me to be a part of the LGBT community period, an ally of that community." She added about the program, "It just seemed like the right fit. I'm a big ally of the community and really our message, Ty Herndon and I and Cody [Alan], the message is really not a political message. It is one of literally what is called 'love and acceptance.' I want us, as a people, to be more with less. I want us to lead more with accepting people for who they are and their authentic self. And that is why it felt like the right match."

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has had an undeniable effect on the entertainment industry, Chenoweth said that they were steadfast in making sure that the show went on. But, of course, going virtual for this year's CMT Concert for Love & Acceptance isn't without its own set of challenges, especially for someone like the Broadway star who is a veteran of live events. "I am such a creature of the live theater, but I've done a lot of television work and film work, and yet things like virtual concerts we're still learning so much," Chenoweth explained. "Even people who are mainly just recording artists, or just TV actors or whatever. Everybody is learning during this time."

Still, Chenoweth shared that she has done her fair share of virtual events, including several for the Actors Fund (the actor even noted that Town House made a generous donation to the organization, which "means a lot" to her). In other words, no matter whether the event is virtual or in-person, you can always count on Chenoweth to be a total pro. And you can also count on her to bring her all to this year's CMT Concert for Love & Acceptance, as she said, "So, again, this is a time when you do things for others, and I'm lucky because I get to work with people who think like I do and who care about making the world a better place, especially during a time when we are all literally in the same boat. We're all literally in the boat."