Kane Brown Announces New EP 'Mixtape Vol. 1'

Kane Brown has officially announced the release of his long-awaited EP, sharing that his Mixtape Vol. 1 will arrive on Friday, Aug. 14. Fans have already heard a number of songs from the project including Brown's current single "Cool Again," his duet with John Legend, "Last Time I Say Sorry," "Worldwide Beautiful" and "Be Like That," a collaboration between Brown, Swae Lee and Khalid. On Friday, Brown released a remix of "Cool Again" featuring Nelly.

Brown also played fans a snippet of "Worship You" on Instagram, a song he shared is a tribute to his wife, Katelyn, and their daughter, Kingsley. The EP is Brown's first multi-song project since his 2018 album, Experiment. The majority of Mixtape Vol. 1 was produced by the 26-year-old's longtime collaborator Dan Huff with help from Lindsay Rimes on "Cool Again" and "Didn't Know What Love Was." Charlie Handsome produced "Be Like That" and Andrew Goldstein produced "Last Time I Say Sorry."

kane brown mixtape vol 1
(Photo: RCA Nashville/Zone 4)

"The song, it definitely needs to be right," Brown told PopCulture.com of collaborating with artists outside of country music. "The right collaboration. But we used to be worried about that before, in the past, and now I think we've established some country music too. We're not going anywhere. We'll always have singles for you before anybody else. But we decided to expand our brand and connect fan bases with other people's fan bases."


See the full tracklisting for Mixtape Vol. 1 below:

  1. "Cool Again" - Kane Brown, Josh Hoge, Matt McGinn and Lindsay Rimes
  2. "Be Like That (feat. Swae Lee and Khalid)" - Kane Brown, Khalif Brown, Alexander "Eskeerdo" Izquierdo, Khalid Robinson, Ryan Vojtesak and Mike Will
  3. "Worship You" - Kane Brown, Alexander Izquierdo, Ryan Vojtesak and Matt McGinn
  4. "BFE" - Kane Brown, Sam Ellis, Matt McGinn, Taylor Phillips and Will Weatherly
  5. "Didn't Know What Love Was" – Kane Brown, Shy Carter, Matt McGinn and Lindsay Rimes
  6. "Last Time I Say Sorry (with John Legend)" – John Stephens, Kane Brown, Matt McGinn and Andrew Goldstein
  7. "Worldwide Beautiful" – Kane Brown, Shy Carter, Ryan Hurd and Jordan Schmidt