Kane Brown and Nelly Hit the Beach for 'Cool Again' Remix

Kane Brown released his latest single, "Cool Again" in April, but he waited to share the song's music video until he released its remix, which features rapper Nelly. That song came out on Friday, as did the video, which was filmed on the beach in Miami. The clip begins with Brown in a float in a patch of seaweed before finding a mysterious package in the weeds.

Eventually opening the box to reveal a pair of sunglasses, Brown spots Nelly on the water riding a jet ski before the rapper washes up on the shore to deliver the song's bridge. The duo soon changes into a pair of excellent tropical-print shirts to finish out the track at dusk on the sand. "A remix that I already to have to 'Cool Again' that I'm really excited to get out is with another feature," Brown previously told RADIO.com. "I want him to be in the music video, so whenever that gets where we can both do the music video at the same time, then we're gonna put it out."

"Cool Again" will appear on Brown's upcoming EP, which will precede an album. Brown wrote the song with Josh Hoge, Matthew McGinn and Lindsay Rimes. "We wrote 'Cool Again' at a writing retreat when it was about 20 degrees outside," he said in a statement. "At the time, it was about missing warm weather, but then it became so much more. It made us think about all the amazing memories of summer. We were really wanting to go back to that. I think that's something people can really relate to in their own lives, especially right now."


Along with "Cool Again," Brown recently released "Worldwide Beautiful" and "Be Like That," a collaboration with Swae Lee and Khalid. "The song, it definitely needs to be right," Brown told PopCulture.com of collaborating with other artists outside of country music. "The right collaboration. But we used to be worried about that before, in the past, and now I think we've established some country music too. We're not going anywhere. We'll always have singles for you before anybody else. But we decided to expand our brand and connect fan bases with other people's fan bases."