Johnny Cash's Daughter Shares 'Too Good' Throwback Photo With Scruffy-Looking King Charles III

Johnny Cash's daughter Roseanne Cash shared an old photo of her late father with King Charles III on Monday. She posted the photo on Twitter where she invited fans to come up with their best caption for it. This rare throwback had many followers floored.

"I've been debating all day whether or not to post this photo, but it's just too good to keep under wraps," Roseanne wrote. "I expect a lot of captions, but none I haven't thought of already. But go right ahead." The picture was not dated and Roseanne did not provide any additional details on it, and so far it seems like no one else has identified it more precisely either. It shows Cash sometime in middle age and then-Prince Charles as an adult, both candidly looking at something just out of frame.

The post came amid all kinds of coverage of the royal family as they hosted Queen Elizabeth II's funeral on Monday. The 96-year-old monarch passed away earlier this month, making the man in Roseanne's photo the king of the U.K. at the age of 73. Charles is about 15 years younger than Cash would be today, but the country music legend passed away in 2003.

It's unclear when exactly King Charles and Cash met, or what their conversation might have been like. King Charles studied music himself during school, but it's hard to imagine him relating proficiency with the cello or his time in the Bach Choir with Cash's iconic singer-songwriter style. Throughout his life, King Charles has shown a particular interest in the arts but never in American pop music in particular.

All eyes were on King Charles this month as he ascended to the throne and laid his mother to rest. The new monarch could be seen fighting back tears near the end of his mother's funeral on Monday while the rest of the assembly sang "God Save the King." The king himself did not sing along with that song and avoided looking at those around him.


The queen reigned for decades and oversaw the royal family's transition into the information age, along with many other societal changes along the way. Her passing comes at a time of extreme economic difficulty for the U.K., and many pundits there are now questioning the value and function of royalty altogether. King Charles is now faced with answering these doubts and justifying the position his family holds in an otherwise elected government. Many of those pundits are on the edges of their seats waiting to see how King Charles kicks off his reign.